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Join us for an enchanting journey at our Flowers and Fairies Dance Camp! From June 12th to June 16th, children aged 4 to 8 are invited to unleash their inner magic and explore the world of dance, inspired by flowers and fairies. It's the perfect summer adventure for your little ones!

 Blossom into Dance 
Under the guidance of experienced instructors, your child will embark on a captivating dance experience. From ballet to jazz and creative movement, they'll learn graceful moves, improve coordination, and express themselves through the art of dance. Our camp nurtures their love for movement and helps them blossom into confident young dancers.

 Magical Workshops 
Let your child's creativity bloom through our magical workshops! They'll immerse themselves in the enchanting world of flowers and fairies, crafting dazzling floral headpieces, fairy wings, and other whimsical props. These hands-on activities will spark their imagination and add an extra touch of magic to their dance journey.

 Showcase Spectacular 
On the final day of the camp, June 16th, our young dancers will take the stage in a spectacular performance for family and friends. Dressed in fabulous flower and fairy-themed costumes, they'll showcase their newfound skills and radiant smiles. Be prepared to witness their magical transformation and celebrate their achievements!

 Register Today! 
Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience! Secure your child's spot at our Flowers and Fairies Dance Camp, taking place from June 12th to June 16th. Visit our website at or call us at (251) 209-7774 to register. Spaces are limited, so act fast and let your child's imagination take flight this summer!

Let your child bloom and dance with joy at Flowers and Fairies Dance Camp! 

Ticket for Flowers and Fairies Dance Camp June 2023

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